Gaia From Camilland's


picture: Sara Mäkelä


  • hips: A/A
  • elbows: 0/0
  • shoulders: OCD free (also in preliminary x-rays)
  • Spinal: LTV0 VA0
  • gene tests: full MDD panel clear

I had been following Gaia's father, Novel, for some time. I know Novel's sister Kiusa very well, and because she has a lot of great qualities that I like, and because Novel is also a very handsome male, I was interested of him. In fact, before Texas came from Poland to Finland, I had come across an interesting mixed-line litter by Novel, which unfortunately I noticed too late and all the puppies were already reserved (the dam of that litter is the sister of the Texas dam and that's how the Texas litter was found). Around that time, Novel and Giz's first litter was born, but we had already found the Texas litter and at that time a Novel puppy was not brought to Finland.

When I noticed that there was a new litter from the Novel-Gizi combination, I inevitably became interested again. At the same time, Sara and Vellu were looking for a new dog for their family, and that's how Gaia came to Finland. Actually, it's good that the Novel-puppy finally became a fully herding-line puppy in Finland, because there are already quite a few mixed-line (or "sport" lines).

Sara's story about Gaia: "Gaia is our family's huggable, lap bearer ❤ We are really happy about how nicely our new family member just blended in with the group, she doesn't mind even the fuss of a family with children! Gaia was picked up from Hungary in an idyllic rural landscape, in the middle of a field. Gaia has had a while to get used to the hustle and bustle of the city - and she has had a habit of going into a "zone" if walking beside road with traffic and cars, and it has been a bit challenging to have her into contact. She has also had dramatic reactions to her surroundings, but she gets over them nicely and relatively quickly. Gaia has endless speed and energy, her motto in life has been until now: full speed! There is a worn mud path next to the fence as proof.

In her hobbies, Gaia is a passionate, fast and focused worker. Basics of working trials have been done with Gaia; searching and tracking, and the dream is to get traction from her for both running and skiing. Also, the herding that fascinates us has been started. Gaia's father and mother are great working dogs, so we are excited to see if the daughter has the same qualities!"