Finnish skijoring champion, Finnish agility champion (FI VVA FI AVA BH PAIM3 PPR1) Tending Jupiter


  • born 15.1.2017
  • sire: FI KVA-HK FI TVA BH Arrow
  • dam: PAIM2 PPR1 Kemi Lee
  • breeders: Riitta Jantunen-Korri and Pekka Korri / Tending
  • KoiraNet

picture: Miikku Pietilä / MiikKuvaan

(c) Krista Rostén
(c) Krista Rostén


  • hips: A/A
  • elbows: 0/0
  • spinal: LTV3 VA0 SP0
  • shoulders: OCD free
  • eyes: keratitis
  • normal scissor bite, full dentition
  • kastrated


  • agility: FI AVA FI AVA-H, Finnish agility champion
  • herding: PAIM3 PPR1
  • working test: BH
  • skijoring:skijoring champion (VVA), Finnish champion second v. 2019 ja 2020, third 2021, sprint-SM3 v. 2019. Relay race SM-1 v. 2020, 2022, 2023, SM-2 v. 2021, SM-3 v. 2024
  • shows: excellent
(c) Mari Moisala
(c) Mari Moisala

Jupiter is a sensitive, highly willing to please and easily motivated dog. Jupiter has a great drive with toys, and treats as well. He became to be my next herding dog and I also wanted to continue Jeriko's working trial career. I knew Jupiter's mother Lee from before and my good friend had a female from Lee's previous litter. After Ukko, I wanted to try a different type of herding dog, easier to control and faster.

Jupiter's growth and journey to this point have been colored by different stages of development and challenges between me and the dog as well. Jupiter's sensitivity and fearfulness began to show at the age of just under a year and gradually got worse. In the beginning, Jupiter was a natural talent with sheep and really promising, but the good progress at the beginning started to deteriorate to the point that Jupiter (for no apparent reason to me) ran away from the training pen. Little by little, it became clear to me that Jupiter is sensitive to pressure, especially in situations where it feels that I am putting pressure on the sheep. Even today, Jupiter doesn't like it if I have to catch a sheep, but today he stays present better, or somewhere close at least. Even indoors, Jupiter has started to work, although this was very challenging at first. Penning and shedding were taught to Jupiter in a sling at the beginning, so that he couldn't leave, but today Jupiter is really good at both, and does them with pleasure!

Currently, Jupiter is happy to do many things that it initially hated, and is really convincing and good at them. Jupiter has really wide flanks (even too wide in tense situations), Jupiter tends to have too much speed rather than too little, but because he is very humble and willing to cooperate, he is really easy to control. When I have been able to tell him what I want, he will do it for me.

My dreams for national working trials were forgotten quite soon, when Jupiter started reacting to lound noices and gunshots, and Jupiter's fear of sounds got so much worse that, for example, in the new year we have Sileo medicine on hand. This in itself is a shame, when Jupiter would have been a large enough dog, who presents a really strong and happy obedience. The BH test was done as a requirement for the skijoring championship title.

Skijoring has perhaps remained Jupiter's main sport, one could say. At least the most effort has been putten into it in the winter seasons. Jupiter gained skijoring champion title in the winter of -23, the second border collie ever in Finland. A wonderful achievement that I am proud of! Jupiter has competed his entire racing career with my friend Ilona, ​​although I myself actively participate in Jupiter's training. In addition to champion title, Jupiter has under his belt silver and bronze from the individual nation championships, bronze from the sprint championships, and three gold and one silver from the skijoring relay.

In agility, Jupiter is definitely the most talented of my dogs. It's so good that it's sad when I somehow don't get motivated to train more goal-oriented. I'm pretty sure that with better training, Jupiter would compete in the top national level. Even in Agility, in the early stages of the competition, there was a mental state problem, but it was quickly taken care of by the fact that Jupiter can play with the ball while waiting for his own turn, and therefore does not look at others and get too excited and tense. This has worked really well! On the track, Jupiter is very fast, powerful, very manoeuvrable and very easy to control. A perfect agility dog.