PAIM2 PAIM1 PPR1 IFH1 BH Karjapaimenen Tyr


  • born 16.7.2020
  • sire: PAIM3 PPR1 High Ash Thor
  • dam: PAIM2 Winwind
  • breeder: Katri Piilola / Karjapaimenen
  • KoiraNet

picture: Miikku Pietilä / MiikKuvaan

(c) Miikku Pietilä / MiikKuvaan
(c) Miikku Pietilä / MiikKuvaan


  • hips: B/B
  • elbows: 0/0
  • spinal: LTV3 VA0 SP1 (spondyloosilausunto 4/2023)
  • shoulders: OCD-affected (left shoulder
  • gene tests: carrier for EAOD, clear for other MDD-tests


  • Herding: class 3 (PAIM2 PPR1)
  • skijoring: breed clubs championship second v. 2022, third at 2023
  • working trials: BH, IFH1
  • shows: good
(c) Miikku Pietilä / MiikKuvaan
(c) Miikku Pietilä / MiikKuvaan

Tyr is a happy Goofy who excitedly swings his whole body. He clearly inherited this trait from his father. I had already looked at Tyr's mother's family before Ukko came to me. After Jupiter, I was hoping to get a herding dog with better stress tolerance and less sensitivity, and more animal instinct than speed. I asked Katri about the puppy plans and heard about Winski, who immediately sounded like my type of dog. Winski was then introduced to Thor, who I had seen at the herding trials, and I liked his strong expression to work. That's how I ended up with this litter. Tyr himself, on the other hand, was chosen for me as a puppy who was lively, but not the most lively, and who slept on my lap when I went to see the puppies. The connection was formed right away.

(c) Sabina Lähteenmäki
(c) Sabina Lähteenmäki

In many ways, Tyr is everything I hoped it would be. There's power and conviction in what Tyr does, no matter what. Tyr has his own will and determination, sometimes he might even look like a pretty fierce border collie to the outside, but inside Tyr is a humble and willing to please boy, with whom I have my own special connection. Both a toy and food are fine for Tyr, although he's not exactly greedy.

In herding, Tyr has inherited quite a lot of animal instinct from his mother. Tyr senses the sheep's moves and moods really well, likes and wants to be on the heavy side, even to the extent that sometimes it takes precedence over taking/obeying my directions. Tyr's first priority is to control the pack. Tyr handles sheep really nicely, knows how to give them time and relax the pressure without constantly having to apply the brakes. The flanks on Tyr are quite good, and it doesn't, for example, catch the eye to the extent that Ukko does. In terms of herding, Tyr has a lot of great qualities that I like. The challenge is to get Tyr to trust in my instructions and to sometimes act against his own strong intuition.

Skijoring have also been done with Tyr. Tyr is fast and powerful, and on the other hand, also has a competitive mind. With Tyr, we participated in two breed clubs championship competitions, and once in the Finnish Sprint Championship.

During the first couple of years with Tyr, the focus has been on the IFH, and Tyr is a very promising and talented tracking dog. Tyr is naturally a very deep-nosed/close to the ground, and accurate tracker for whom treats are also fine, which has made it easier to train accuracy in the early stages. Tyr's tracking speed is naturally very good and moderate, and he has many natural good qualities for IFH.

However, sports with Tyr is overshadowed by health concerns. Preliminary x-rays showed an OC change in the other shoulder, which did heal with conservative treatment. I'm not too worried about this. However, the LTV3 change in Tyr's back causes problems with his rear end, and spondylosis and disc degeneration have already developed between L7-S1. The back and rear legs have been trained and got in good shape, but despite this, the skijoring season -23, which started well, ended with a decrease in pulling motivation and muscle stiffness. The tests revealed a sciatica symptom, which means that the physically more demanding sports will be left out for Tyr, and we will continue with the IFH track and, hopefully, with herding. He also had lameness at autumn -23, pain in left shoulder and lumbosacral area, which also got better during winter, but now we go day by day, and if any discomfort is present in training, I will have to retire Tyr from all sports.