Litter plans

The next litters possibly for Troija and Vanja at 2026.

Border collie is an active and tireless herding dog. Even today, border collies enjoy working with their handlers, whether it's real work tasks or sports.

Good working qualities are also an important part of my breeding programme. I hope to be able to breed cooperative, well-motored dogs for many different sports, but who also have a good ability to calm down.

I sell border collie puppies only to homes interested in active sports, where the dog is also a member of the family. I don't recommend a border collie as just a buddy for strolls etc, because border collies also need a mental challenge and they are truly happiest when they get to work on the tasks given to them. In addition, the sport characteristics of the offspring also tell me how successful I have been in my breeding choices.


Our puppies grow up as part of everyday life and our own pack. I spend time socializing them and getting them used to different environments, surfaces, sounds and things. Driving is also introduced in them.

The puppies' mother and puppies are fed with high-quality food and they also get to taste raw meat. The mother and puppies are dewormed regularly, and the puppies are checked by a vet, microchipped, ECVO tested and registered for FCI. The puppies are handed over at the age of 7-8 weeks.


On these pages you can find information about my own dogs and planned litters. In addition, you can find a lot of information about my dogs, my past litters and their relatives by browsing the Kennel Club's breeding information system, or KoiraNet.

Before contacting us, please familiarize yourself with the litter plan and the parents of the litter. I will always be happy to tell you more about the combination if something remains unclear. In addition, I would like to hear about the purpose for which a puppy is being sought and why exactly that combination has aroused interest.

I like to meet people interested in puppies, even before the puppies are born. After the puppies are born, the first three weeks are calmed down from new visitors


(c) Taru Sinervä
(c) Taru Sinervä

I also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the  breed's current situation, challenges, diseases that occur in the breed; osteocondrosis (dissecans) (OCD), epilepsy, autoimmune diseases, hip dysplasia, lumbosacral transitional vertebrae (LTV) and other vertebral anomalies (VA) and spondylosis.

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