Whirlwind Coyote Mc Fly Dog



hips: C/C

elbows: 0/0

shoulders: OCD free (also preliminary x-rays)

spinal: LTV1 VA0

gene tests: carrier for CEA and EAOD, clear for rest of the  MDD-panel

Frida's litter was the result of internet browsing and the subsequent extensive digging. So first I saw a litter ad, or really just a picture of the father, where the good health results and the undeniably impressive appearance caught my attention. Then the digging into the backgrounds of the litter began, which was not an easy task without a common language (the breeder speaks French and no English at all. I don't speak French), but in the end everything seemed to work out really well, especially the health and the characters of both parents. So we went to pick up Frida (and her brother Boco) to Finland.

Frida's dam is registered with the Belgian Kennel Association and ISDS through the ROM (registration on merit), because her dam was an unregistered farm dog (although both her parent were from ISDS lines). For this reason, the dam's pedigree is not recorded in the FCI pedigree. Frida's breed is a mixture of familiar dogs with a touch of French and Belgian dogs less used in Finland. I'm attracted to these kinds of things.

Sanna's story about Frida 10/2023: "When she was a puppy, Frida was brave, lively and very dog-social. Frida has situational awareness when it comes to other dogs and knows how to communicate well with different dogs.

Frida's family has children of all ages and Frida gets along well with them. Frida and the family's 1.5 year old have their very own special relationship and they enjoy being together.

Big machines, amusement park equipment, loud speaker noises, etc. are, in Frida's opinion, quite ordinary things.

Frida has no interest in herding cars, but there is still a little practice in resisting leaves flying in the wind and she has had her moments with cars also.

In training, Frida has been a real workaholic since childhood. She concentrates calmly and can do a lot of repetitions, and training in a group is no problem.

Frida gets rewarderd by treats, but yes, a proper tug of war is the most fun. So far, mostly basic training, tricks and the basics of obedience have been done. In the future, we would like to try several sports.

Frida loves water and there has been no problems with any surfaces."